Rockabilly, Pinup and Retro Jewelry and Accessories.

Juicy Lucy is a handmade jewelry company inspired by old school, rockabilly, kustom kulture, tattoo, pinup and hot rod culture. Each piece is handcrafted in the USA using quality products and processes to ensure that they will stand the test of time and the ​elements. Juicy Lucy strives to provide unique and fresh alternative accessories that can’t be found at your local mall. We pride ourselves on using our own original art as well as art created by other small businesses.

Juicy Lucy was established in 2011 but was in the works for many years before; we have been creating and crafting for over 15 years for the pure love of DIY. When we recognized the need for unique accessories for the subcultures that were both affordable and accessible, Juicy Lucy was formed.

We create because that's what we're passionate about and you can be assured that each Juicy Lucy piece was formed with real human hands and a careful eye for detail. We're committed to keeping our products affordable for the working class without sacrificing on quality, because Juicy Lucy doesn't believe you have to spend a fortune to look good. We are constantly evolving in our processes and products and will be adding new products to our brand. There's no limit to what inspires us and we love following our inspiration wherever it may lead us.

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